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Once again International Air and Military Show in Hungary

As the major event of the Hungarian MoD, the International Air and Military show again will take place on the 7th and 8th August 2010 in Kecskemét. During the years this program became one of the five biggest European air shows, the most exciting and visited air show in Central Europe.

With their displays the participants will not only commemorate 100 years of Hungarian military aviation and 100 years of Hungarian powered aviation and thus increase the prestige of the event, but the proud of the Italian Air Force, the world-famous Frecce Tricolori display team also celebrates their 50th anniversary, and they will do it in Kecskemét.

Out of the 28 invited countries, 20 confirmed participation.

Besides the “air shows´ display team stars”, the Frecce Tricolori, the Turkish Stars, the Swiss Patrouille Suisse (that has not flown yet in Hungary), the Croatian Wings of Storm, and the Breitling Team, it is sure that visitors will see the representatives of the Austrian, Belgian, French, Dutch, Croatian, German, Romanian, Swiss, Spanish, Serbian, Turkish, US, Ukrainian, Israeli Air Force and also the equipment of the host country´s, Hungary´s military aircraft in Kecskemét.

The fans of aviation will see for the first time in Kecskemét the Su-27, that belongs to the world-elite, moreover the already seen, but still interesting Eurofighter, Rafale, F-6, F/A-18, F-15, JAS-39 Gripen fighters, world-famous helicopters, and the star of the previous air show, the C-17, the large military transport aircraft.

Besides the several military displays, there will be national and international civil aviation programs, as well.

The registration is still not closed, the organizers expect further confirmed participations from the invited countries.

The two days not only offer the ground and air arsenal of aviation, but display most of the Hungarian Armed Force's hardware. Knowing the number, the great variety of the participating countries and the several arriving aircraft types, the visitors will see in August a spectacular and special air show that will be an all-day event, complemented with various family programs.

The preparation for the air show has begun; tickets are available from 23rd April 2010 onwards.

The tickets’ prices have not changed since 2003. Adults’ ticket costs 4000 HUF, tickets for children under the age of 14, 2000 HUF.

Similarly to the previous years, visitors can purchase tickets in advance, i.e. before 6th August 0:00 costing 3500 HUF (for adults) and 1500 HUF (for children under 14).

The ticket again contains the price of the parking ticket, the fare by bus from and to the parking lots.

Tickets can be purchased in every Ticketpro office and in every known ticket office. Moreover it is possible to obtain it on the Internet, on the webpage. Furthermore tickets can be purchased abroad, as well, as in the international Ticketpro and Eventim offices.